Friday, May 19, 2017

Garden Report 05-19

At the beach and what a difference a day makes.

Finally yesterday afternoon the sun tried to shine so it was off to the beach.  It was very peaceful sitting on a rock and listening to the gentle waves toss the smaller rockers around.  Nope, didn't sit on the rock in the first picture.

Last night a hard frost hit the gardens and the first tulip got hit hard.

Lake Superior

The North Shore.


and today. The melting frost looks like rain drops.


and today.


  1. Hard to imagine a frost while I sit at 10am hot and sticky with humidity. How cold is that water?

    1. Yah but we make up for the cooler springs with even cooler winters. :)

      The water is cold! It rarely warms up enough for swimming. There are brave people who surf the waves, although they do wear dry suits.